Friday, August 26, 2011

Far across any measurable distance
Beyond the mountains and sky
Beyond the realms of space and time
There lies a peaceful world
Ruled by love and joy
Inhabited by pure souls free of form and color
That is from where we are pushed to this earth
We are here as the highest punishment for our own deeds
Cursed are we to spend our time with hope and smile here
When there is a world free from agony and meloncholy up above there
Cheated with beautiful nature and loving people around us
Cajoled with successes and sweet moments
But only our lonely moments and our heart reminding us the bitter truth
We are living 'coz we are not worthy to be dead...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It has been one long month
Could not help but stare at the calendar thinking of
The day when our friendship breath its last
The day when I realised how fatal truth could be
The day when I lost something forever inspite of the words on the other side promised otherwise
There have been no declaration or any confirmation
But I know it was the end
Goodbye my dear friend
As I know we are nothing more than an acquaintance now
Ripped off the privilege to say these to you
So here I say
Thanks for introducing me to a part of my own self which I have never known before
Thanks for making me appreciate and understand what I have been thinking of as one's fantasies and weakness
Thanks for infinite things I am neither adept in putting in words nor anyone can understand
Sorry for my folly if there was any
Sorry for being seen as silly by you but wouldnt take back any
As the words I spoke are the glimpse of what I feel
Happy that you are there where you want to be
Glad that you are there with your type of folks
Though sad that I am nowhere near there
Its not that bad on seeing a glimpse of the worst that could have befallen
As long as you are safe and sound with success and joy all around
I couldnt think of any other comfort to be found
You will always be in my prayers for your joys to be unbound
RIP the friendship I cherish..........

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The most dangerous thing one can do in his life is trying to always be on safer side...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When you can see the fear behind one's anger
When you can see the frustration behind one's rudeness
When you can see the insecurity behind one's jealousy
When you can see the self doubt behind one's arrogance
When you can see the disappointments behind one's selfishness
Cant you see world is not that bad indeed?
Cant you see strength and hope is what we need to smile and pull through?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Have you ever been scared of yourself?
Its not being scared of your future or
Its not being scared of your family or career or your financials
Its Just being scared of your own being,your own thoughts
Its being Scared of the conflicting emotions you cant put in words
Its being scared of finding that your rationality and approaches are not helping anymore
Its being scared of lured strongly by solutions you would have not even given a thought
Its being scared of inability to share with loved ones no matter how hard you try
Its being scared of how horribly wrong you were in assessing yourself
Its being scared of whether you will ever be the same person again - the person you loved and confident of
Its being scared of realizing just how much effort you are putting in just to be strong and hold on
Have you ever been so scared?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I had this friend of mine who never steps out of her house without burka.Since she was not allowed to wear burka in college inspite of her requests she comes to college like a mummy neatly wrapped with only little face exposed. She can be seen only with full sleeved salwars, hands covered by gloves,head covered by scarf and feet by socks. In the very brief lunch break of 30 minutes within which we have numerous other tasks to do like submitting assignments she always find time to do namaaz.

Now don't imagine a cruel father,meek mother and a pack of cruel uncles torturing her to be so.Her father is in a very good job laughing at schools without co education. Her mom is regarded as well read and can talk for hours together about empowerment,freedom and all those impressive stuff. Her sisters' attire representing the latest fashion in town.Her mom always lament to us about her failure in bringing up my friend as a liberal and contemporary woman inspite of providing good education and environment. Now there in the same college was a faculty who was equally good in practising his religion. He daily goes to temple,quotes from vedas and gita,knows auspicious time and days and gracious enough to do special prayer for his students placement too. Now after quite some years I received a call from this dear friend of mine few months back. to inform me how she and my sir are a happy family of three now. My friend,My sir and their little bundle of joy! I was invited 'coz she has no liberal and modern family now to adore her baby as she has become an outcast.The mother who is well read,boasting about the independence she gives to her kids cant accept my friend getting into nuptial bond with someone from other religion. Neither I am gonna talk about the power of love nor her family's reaction as both are obvious.

This incident just made me think once again how deceitful the words are. How artful the language is in giving a false picture and inhibits our attempt to understand.It makes me to question what does the word orthodox,conservative and liberal,modern outlook really mean. We used to describe my friend as very orthodox and her family as very modern.Is dressing,style of living,books we read is what all these words are about?Does the description still holds good? Is sticking to a particular style of living just for the need of acceptance is orthodox? Is reading stuff from impressive personalities,appreciating it and talking for hours about it and practising it as long as you are sure its not going to affect the conceptions you hold hidden deep in your heart is liberal? May be both can be called as acting as we do certain stuff since we think that is how our role should be in front of the audience.

Then what does these words really mean? I don't know. I think following something after making an effort to understand it, accepting it the way it is,falling in love with it and making it a part of life regardless of others opinion about it is what orthodox means. Isn't it should be the same way for the so called modern outlook. You do something because you really believe in it and accept it. The more I think the more I am convinced language is the biggest folly man plays on himself and his fellow beings. If there is one thing I want to tell to each and every one in this world it is, "Never hesitate to ask anyone is that what you really mean"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I wonder whether there comes a time in eveyone's life when their very self is questioned. The values one cherish and proud with are considered non existent and attributed with qualities one detest with. Leaving in a state of shock and disbelief going through countless cycles of introspection leading to nothing but more despair and pain. The pain that could not be thrown off with a careless shrug or a gay
laughter not because you are someone who is delicate but because the remark is from someone whom you trust and respect. Going through it inst easy because its like yelling at a proud mom holding her precious baby close to her heart " Hey there! Throw away that dirty mess".

All it needs is a little exploration and belief in self and of course a strong heart to realize you and that someone are seeing through different windows. Someone's window is seeing your treasure as a filthy mess to be thrown away.Empathize the view but dont endorse it just because its from someone you respect. Remember the windows are different. And dont even think of taking the someone's window no matter how special he is because its not just the view you see from window but its your dream and you see through the window.

Be prepared to face your own stupidity and moments where you wonder how you could be so dumb and wrong. Even though an undesirable experience that needs to be purposefully forgotten it leaves you with a valuable lesson for life, "None is too special to instruct you what to feel". At times even your own rationality isnt that special as what is rationality nothing but connecting the ever changing premises which we often assume to be stationary.

Just accept your stupidity and go through this hell with the prayer for this pain to die away quickly as in the end all that matters is correcting the misplaced regards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When this body dares to throw away its life will it still be frightened of future in its heart?
When this soul departs and travels through those fancy lands heard in stories will it still carry the burden of memories?
When this soul enters the heavenly heaven described in countless books will it still feel the hell inside it?
When this soul is thrown into hell and tortured in all the ways will it still find its inner turmoil the most hellish?
When this soul is ripped off its vision will it still see the darkest tragic future?
When this soul is teared off from rationality will it still reasons why living is gonna be just existing?
When this soul is redeemed off imagination will it still be afflicting itself with countless 'If only" and 'But'?
Dear lady in black, When I knock your inviting door where you would lead me to?
Will it to be the peace I yearn for or the turbulence I fear of??
Never become too busy to attend to the people who are never busy for you
Never become too complacent to do the things you always wanted to do
Never become too brave to pause for a while and take a stock of your life
Never become too timid to say yes when all you wanted to tell is no
Never become too impressed with anything to let go your values
Never become too strong to be unmoved by the sufferings of others
Never become too independant to walk away from your responsibilities
Never become too optimistic to walk into a known trap
Never become too generous to let the lazy thrive on you
Never become too helpful to let the people laugh at you
Never become too good natured to let people use you and hurt you
Never become too attached to anything that makes you detached from your dreams
Most importantly,
Never become too proud to ask when things change to 'too'?
Frustration is just the aftermath of realising things we thought to be mutually exclusive are actually independant!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Its just the pure joy when you hear about a new born baby
Its just the awe the toddler has for the far away moon
Its just the anticipation the kid has for the unknown angel heard in the bed time stories
Its just the elation when you achieve something you know you deserved
Its just the sense of perfect world when you sit near the window seat bus with a lovely music
Its just the adrenaline rush of driving your bike in a wintry evening in a bumpy road
Its just the feeling of warmth when you sip the tea in a rainy day

It’s the feeling of being blessed when a stranger does something for you
It’s a feeling when someone you least expect call you for no specific reason

It’s a feeling when you bring smile on someone’s face unintentionally
It’s the feeling when a kid’s face eagerly look upon you with a bright smile

It’s the indescribable heavenly feeling when you stand lost before the divine power in an age old temple
It’s the sense of gratitude when someone wishes you good luck from his heart
It’s the sense of being worthy when someone face brightens on seeing you
It’s the tear in your eye when an elderly holds your hand and searches for his loved one’s traces in your face
It’s the overwhelming joy when a child suddenly hugs you from the back

It’s the feeling of satisfaction when people you respect look at you with awe and pride
It’s the feeling of awe when you see people doing their work with passion
It’s a 'all is well' feeling when you chillax with your loved ones with harmless gossips
It’s the thrill of discovery when you understand something new
It’s the feeling of being useful when you see the relieved face of your dear ones after they share their problems with you

It’s the great feeling of being understood when someone sees what is going on behind the happy face and cares to ask about it
It’s the feeling of sweet nostalgy when you hold the age old cards and letters from your loved ones
It’s the lucky feeling when you find your long forgotten pen while cleaning your room
It’s the dazing amazement when you realize you have been staying awake the whole night mesmerized by a book
It’s the assurance of being cared when your mom touches your forehead with tension when you are dull
It’s the pleasure of being a princess when your father roams the whole area just to get your favourite snack
It’s the majesty of a queen when you stand in waves with the mighty ocean caressing your feet

It’s the feeling of thankfulness to unknown faces who have penned down those beautiful books for you to enjoy
It’s the feeling of inquisitiveness after having an intellectual discussion
It’s the feeling of bliss when you fall into bed after a tiring and fruitful day
It’s the feeling of respect and gratitude when someone dares to tell you are in the wrong path
It’s the feeling of relief when you wake up from a terrible dream and realize its just a dream
It’s the feeling of soothing when you sit amidst the books in library
It’s the feeling of being remembered when people think you might like something and share with you

None of the language is capable of expressing all these bliss in a single word
So pray to thy lord not to attempt to trace the reason and understand why
So pray to thy lord not to attempt to justify and rationalize
So pray to thy lord not to attempt to label these beautiful feelings in a single word
For what use are words when the only wish is just to cherish and not to nourish?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caged into the iron case
With few buttons fooling you to think its only you who choose your course
With an alarm bell fooling you to think somebody is out there always waiting to help you
With a few trying to understand what really move things up and down
With a many doesnt giving a damn to think about it
Arent we just men in the lift?

With a few averting any gazes
With a few pounding with friendly smiles
With a few attempting in vain to look busy
With all wanting to get out of the place as smoothly as possible
But at times wondering about the gestures both reciprocated and ignored
Arent we just men in the lift?

Sharing most of the space with people we dint choose
Many a times not having an idea when they walked in and never knowing when they will walk out
And worse still, a few taking away a part of you when they walk out...
Arent we just men in the lift?

At times one side with a glass offering a view...
For many it is a view showing how far you are from your destination
For a few it is a view showing how far you have distanced yourself from things you love in pursuit of that destination
But with a change of course not being easy continuing the journey with a longing look at the things you hold dear
Arent we just men in lift?

Looking with awe at things speeding in front of your eyes
Frustrated with the notion of having a control but not a true control
Glad at company but frightened of the transitivity
Greatful for the comfort but doubtful at the reliability
Waiting despeartely to come out only to desperately get back into it
Arent we just men in the lift?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If only my thoughts could walk, you would never for a moment walk alone
If only my thoughts could talk, you would never for a moment doubt yourself
If only my thoughts could slap,you would never for a moment do things you will be ashamed of
If only my thoughts could touch,you would never for a moment feel lost
And If only my thoughts could die,I would never for a moment want to die...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Many a times we are not ignorant of the truth
We just choose to ignore the truth
Its not the obvious but this knowledge is what which kills us...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Light can only guide you through
But its the darkness which pushes you
It shows things are not easy
It shows what you have been taking for granted
It shows who were taking you for granted
It shows the value of opportunity
It shows who deserves your trust
It shows who deserves your time
It shows what you deserve
It shows what you can never change
It shows the taste of loss and pain
Its the darkness which throws light on many things,isnt it?