Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I wonder whether there comes a time in eveyone's life when their very self is questioned. The values one cherish and proud with are considered non existent and attributed with qualities one detest with. Leaving in a state of shock and disbelief going through countless cycles of introspection leading to nothing but more despair and pain. The pain that could not be thrown off with a careless shrug or a gay
laughter not because you are someone who is delicate but because the remark is from someone whom you trust and respect. Going through it inst easy because its like yelling at a proud mom holding her precious baby close to her heart " Hey there! Throw away that dirty mess".

All it needs is a little exploration and belief in self and of course a strong heart to realize you and that someone are seeing through different windows. Someone's window is seeing your treasure as a filthy mess to be thrown away.Empathize the view but dont endorse it just because its from someone you respect. Remember the windows are different. And dont even think of taking the someone's window no matter how special he is because its not just the view you see from window but its your dream and you see through the window.

Be prepared to face your own stupidity and moments where you wonder how you could be so dumb and wrong. Even though an undesirable experience that needs to be purposefully forgotten it leaves you with a valuable lesson for life, "None is too special to instruct you what to feel". At times even your own rationality isnt that special as what is rationality nothing but connecting the ever changing premises which we often assume to be stationary.

Just accept your stupidity and go through this hell with the prayer for this pain to die away quickly as in the end all that matters is correcting the misplaced regards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When this body dares to throw away its life will it still be frightened of future in its heart?
When this soul departs and travels through those fancy lands heard in stories will it still carry the burden of memories?
When this soul enters the heavenly heaven described in countless books will it still feel the hell inside it?
When this soul is thrown into hell and tortured in all the ways will it still find its inner turmoil the most hellish?
When this soul is ripped off its vision will it still see the darkest tragic future?
When this soul is teared off from rationality will it still reasons why living is gonna be just existing?
When this soul is redeemed off imagination will it still be afflicting itself with countless 'If only" and 'But'?
Dear lady in black, When I knock your inviting door where you would lead me to?
Will it to be the peace I yearn for or the turbulence I fear of??
Never become too busy to attend to the people who are never busy for you
Never become too complacent to do the things you always wanted to do
Never become too brave to pause for a while and take a stock of your life
Never become too timid to say yes when all you wanted to tell is no
Never become too impressed with anything to let go your values
Never become too strong to be unmoved by the sufferings of others
Never become too independant to walk away from your responsibilities
Never become too optimistic to walk into a known trap
Never become too generous to let the lazy thrive on you
Never become too helpful to let the people laugh at you
Never become too good natured to let people use you and hurt you
Never become too attached to anything that makes you detached from your dreams
Most importantly,
Never become too proud to ask when things change to 'too'?
Frustration is just the aftermath of realising things we thought to be mutually exclusive are actually independant!