Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It has been one long month
Could not help but stare at the calendar thinking of
The day when our friendship breath its last
The day when I realised how fatal truth could be
The day when I lost something forever inspite of the words on the other side promised otherwise
There have been no declaration or any confirmation
But I know it was the end
Goodbye my dear friend
As I know we are nothing more than an acquaintance now
Ripped off the privilege to say these to you
So here I say
Thanks for introducing me to a part of my own self which I have never known before
Thanks for making me appreciate and understand what I have been thinking of as one's fantasies and weakness
Thanks for infinite things I am neither adept in putting in words nor anyone can understand
Sorry for my folly if there was any
Sorry for being seen as silly by you but wouldnt take back any
As the words I spoke are the glimpse of what I feel
Happy that you are there where you want to be
Glad that you are there with your type of folks
Though sad that I am nowhere near there
Its not that bad on seeing a glimpse of the worst that could have befallen
As long as you are safe and sound with success and joy all around
I couldnt think of any other comfort to be found
You will always be in my prayers for your joys to be unbound
RIP the friendship I cherish..........

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