Friday, July 30, 2010

Is there any feeling better than being totally in charge of one's emotions and feelings?
Is there anything more disgusting than the success handed out of mercy and compassion?
Is there anything more sickening than conceited behaviour and artful manners?
Is there anything more cruel than attacking one's self esteem?
Is there anything more dangerous than collective loss of reasoning?
Is there anything more misleading than false hopes and empty words?
Is there anything more painful than seeing the capable doesnt using his potential?
Is there anything more insane than seeing people getting exploited happily?
Is there anything more outrageous than monetizing of other's good intentions?
Is there anything more frightening than losing one's confidence?
Is there anything more heartening than seeing the deserving win?
Is there anything more magical than the hearty wishes and blessings?
Is there anything more precious than positive criticism and genuine feedback?
Is there anything more beautiful than the face of one doing his task with concentration and dedication?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What hurts me the most?
The fact that you are going away from me
Or the fear that you are going away in a wrong direction

What rips me apart?
This pain due to the terrible things you say to me now or
The pain you gonna feel when you realise what you are saying to me now

What frightens me the most?
Your threatening of not coming back to me or
that I cant respect you when you come back?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Problem is not that we dont see eye to eye
Its only that we pretend to see eye to eye....
Undeserved pain cant be washed away by silent tears
It can only be drowned by the sweet sweat of hardwork
Hope for a better tomorrow and fear of losing a place in it are the only two reasons which drives the mankind
Blessed are the souls which are not lured by false hopes and get entangled in the destructive fear
The best one could wish for his dear ones is the sensibility to identify the impossibilities the false hope assures, accept and move on with the fear of consequences of living in false hope...